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If you give a mom an oil

If you say “Here, smell this” the mom decides “oh those smell nice.”


So the mom goes home and tells the dad and he says ok, but only a few….


So the mom orders a few oils “just to have on hand”….


If you give a mom an oil to have on hand, she will use the oils…..


If she uses the oils, they will work, and she will need more…..


If you give a mom more oil, she decides she she needs a box to hold them in…


If she gets a box to hold them in, she decides she needs to fill it up….


If she fills it up, she decides she needs to share her oils…


If she shares her oils with a friend and that friend shares oils with a friend, she ends up getting a paycheck!


If she gets a paycheck she decides, “Hey maybe I could do this as a business”…..


If she decides to build a business, she then decides to teach a class on how to use oils…


If she decides to teach a class on how to use oils, she finds she likes helping people learn about oils…..


If she likes helping people learn about oils, she then decides she wants to become a Silver and set goals, and ACHIEVE them….


If she wants to become a Silver, and set goals, she drags her hubby to a convention 700 miles away….


If she goes to convention she becomes really motivated, and loves her company even more when she gets home. She also made friends, who also love oils, and she feels like she has found “her people”


If she becomes motivated she decides she wants to Go Diamond and the sky is the limit on her goals.


If she achieves goals she realizes she CAN do it, and she wants everybody to have an oil so they can feel as good as she does.





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